Our affiliated organizations and skilled consultants form the backbone of our wide-ranging placement service. PRCís recruiting staff is highly trained in the art of interviewing, evaluating, and placing professionals. We serve a diverse market sector with distinction. To each relationship, our firm brings market insight, sound business judgment, and the experience necessary to match the challenging personnel needs of each Client.    

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality in our recruitment and placement of professionals. It has been said that Professional Recruiting Consultantis the benchmark by which competitors in our field should be measured. In today's competitive market, success often requires an advantage, an angle, something of an edge. PRC is that edge Ė and provides you with the leverage you need to boost your career.

PRC prides itself in working with Candidates that possess the technical abilities, work experience, education, and personal presentation sought by top-level organizations. We place Candidates from the highest echelon of industrystandards. We invest in the recruitment and training of our associates, and hold strongly to the belief that our relationships with both Clients and Candidates are to be based on trust and absolute assurance of confidentiality. More>