Management, Financial, & Tech Division

Emerging Technology:

Job Number
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new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1009 Senior Programmer
hot.gif (13095 bytes) MTS-1001 Technical Director
    MTS-1002 IS Administrator
    MTS-1003 Webmaster
    MTS-1004 Lan Administrator
    MTS-1005 CTO
    MTS-1006 Game Software Engineer
    MTS-1007 Location Systems Engineer
    MTS-1008 Software Engineer
MTS-1010 Senior Software Engineer
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1011 Senior Game Programmer
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1012 Software Engineer
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1013 Database Administration
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1014 Web Development / HTML
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1015 RF Engineer
new.gif (2689 bytes) MTS-1016 SR. VLSI Test Engineer

Multimedia & Information:

    MISp-1002 Visual Basic Programmer
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISp-1017 Delphi Programmer


anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISd-1001 Java GUI Developer
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISd-1010 Visual Basic GUI Developer
    MISd-1009 Visual Basic Developer
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISd-1014 Lead Client/Server Application Developer
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISd-1019 Powerbuilder Windows NT Developers
    MISd-1022 Windows NT Migration SW Engineer/GUI Developer
    MISd-1023 Senior Visual Basic Developer
    MISd-1024 Windows NT GUI Developer
new.gif (2689 bytes) MISd-1025 Senior VB Developer ( International Firm)
    MISe-1003 Visual C++/Windows NT Network Manage. Software Eng.
    MISe-1007 C/Windows NT Software Engineers
    MISe-1015 RDBMS Software Engineer
    MISe-1012 Windows NT/MS SQL Server Support Engineers
    MISe-1016 Lead Windows Internet Software Design Engineer
    MISe-1018 Windows NT Systems Engineer
    MISe-1021 Windows NT QA Engineer
    MISe-7025 Internet Sales Engineer-Media


   MISn-1006 Windows NT Administrator
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISn-1011 NT Network Analyst
new.gif (2689 bytes) MISn-1012 Network Administration


    MISa-1004 Windows Client/Server Systems Analyst
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISa-1005 Senior Powerbuilder Systems Analyst
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) MISa-1008 Windows NT/C/C++ Internet Systems Consultant
new.gif (2689 bytes) MISa-1009 Client Service
new.gif (2689 bytes) MISa-1010 Quality Assurance


    MISs-1013 Windows NT Web Specialist
    MISs-1020 Technical Support Specialist

Sales & Marketing:

anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) SM-1001 Sales Manager
    SM-1002 Advert. Marketing Manager
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) SM-1003 Director of Product Marketing
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) SM-1004 Marketing Manager
    SM-1005 Account Exec-Direct Sales
    SM-1006 Assistant Marketing Manager
    SM-1007 Sr. Level Marketing Pro. Lead
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) SM-1008 Director of Marketing

Finance & Accounting:

    FA-1001 Accounting Specialist
    FA-1002 Royalty Accountant
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) FA-1003 Accounting Sys. Consultant
    FA-1004 Account Manager
anifilled.gif (1135 bytes) FA-1005 Manager - Bud. Op.
    FA-1006 Accounting Manager
    FA-1007 Acounting Software Consultant